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PROTOCOL "Middle Zip Wallet"

The middle-sized zip-type wallet is finally here! !

Model name is "PROTOCOL"

・ It is a smart wallet that is very easy to use and manage. It has 9 card pockets, so there is room to double it.

・ The wallet part is simply one pocket, but it is designed to stop in the middle, so it is easy to put in and out.

・ All models come with a D-ring, you can use it with your favorite rope and chain, it may be good to attach a bunch of keys, of course we also prepared original chains , Separately 8000 yen (excluding tax)

・ We perform production studio in village and, of course, use REDMOON original leather, so you can enjoy aging! !

Size: width 9.5cm x height 15.5cm x thickness 2cm

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Plane 32,000JPY (税抜 with out tax)

Signature 34,000JPY (税抜 with out tax)

Basket pattern 34,000JPY (税抜 with out tax)

Botanical pattern 34,000JPY (税抜 with out tax)

Skull pattern 34,000JPY (税抜 with out tax)

・5 card pockets on the entire left side
・Two free pockets behind the card pocket
・4 card pockets on the entire right side
・Purses behind the card pocket, one free pocket behind it

The coin purse spreads widely and can be used smoothly

The wallet part is one place, because the wallet part is stopped in the middle of the space, it does not go all the way back, so it is easy to put out and check it.

Brass chain