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NEOLATINE original series.

Not only is REDMOON original leather used, but its usability and design are also classic, modern and outstanding.

The design is by Keiichiro Goto.

37,400 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 34,000 JPY)
Design: Basket pattern, Botanical pattern, Plane, Signature, Skull pattern
COLOR: SBK(SaddleLeather Black), SCB(SaddleLeather DarkBrown), SNT(SaddleLeather Natural)
29,700 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 27,000 JPY)
COLOR(SBK,SCB,SNT): SBK(Saddle Leather Black), SCB(Saddle leather Dark Brown), SNT(Saddle leather Natural  )
Rope attached processing: no., yes., yes.(silver925)
62,700 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 57,000 JPY)
44,000 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 40,000 JPY)
8,800 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 8,000 JPY)
40,700 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 37,000 JPY)