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Millennium (2000) series

33,000 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 30,000 JPY)
31,900 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 29,000 JPY)
30,800 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 28,000 JPY)
33,000 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 30,000 JPY)
46,200 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 42,000 JPY)
132,000 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 120,000 JPY)
38,500 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 35,000 JPY)
39,600 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 36,000 JPY)
56,100 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 51,000 JPY)