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MID LINE is a Japanese domestic product that is Made in Japan, tanned Japanese leather with leather in Japan.

Features are familiar to the hand from the beginning of use, and it is attractive to get a feeling of use that was used for a long time immediately when using it for the first time.

Of course, you can also taste leather Asing due to aging.

It has become a product line that has been highly respected for many years as an entry model of REDMOON without leaving the charm of domestic cowhide.

18,700 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 17,000 JPY)
17,600 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 16,000 JPY)
22,000 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 20,000 JPY)
20,900 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 19,000 JPY)
34,100 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 31,000 JPY)
4,400 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 4,000 JPY)
16,500 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 15,000 JPY)
3,850 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 3,500 JPY)
4,400 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 4,000 JPY)