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GHOST-MW2/REDMOON "origami wallet"

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"origami wallet"

From the GHOST series, which is produced with a single piece of leather, comes a wallet that can compactly and smartly hold bills, cards, and small change.

It can be opened and closed with a snap button, with the letter G on the snap button.

The number of bills you can store is 15, about 5 cards is good, and about 10 coins is ideal, but if the leather gets used to it, the number of bills you can store will change back and forth, so please try it out each time.



Aus der GHOST-Serie, die aus einem einzigen Stück Leder hergestellt wird, kommt eine Brieftasche, die kompakt und elegant Geldscheine, Karten und Kleingeld aufnehmen kann.

Sie kann mit einem Druckknopf geöffnet und geschlossen werden, wobei der Buchstabe G auf dem Druckknopf steht.

Die Anzahl der Scheine, die Sie aufbewahren können, beträgt 15, etwa 5 Karten sind gut, und etwa 10 Münzen sind ideal, aber wenn sich das Leder daran gewöhnt, wird die Anzahl der Scheine, die Sie aufbewahren können, hin und her wechseln, also probieren Sie es bitte jedes Mal aus.

Größe:B80 x H100 x T20mm


De la série GHOST, qui est produite avec une seule pièce de cuir, naît un portefeuille qui peut contenir de manière compacte et intelligente des billets, des cartes et de la petite monnaie.

Il peut être ouvert et fermé à l'aide d'un bouton-pression, avec la lettre G sur le bouton-pression.

Le nombre de billets peut être stocké dans 15 feuilles, et environ 5 cartes sont bonnes. 10 pièces environ sont idéales, mais si le cuir s'y habitue, le nombre de cartes peut être ajusté, alors veuillez l'essayer à chaque fois.

Taille : L80 x H100 x P20mm


De la serie GHOST, que se produce con una sola pieza de cuero, viene una billetera que puede contener de forma compacta e inteligente billetes, tarjetas y calderilla.

Se puede abrir y cerrar con un botón de presión, con la letra G en el botón de presión.

El número de billetes puede ser almacenado en 15 hojas, y unas 5 tarjetas son buenas. Unas 10 monedas son ideales, pero si el cuero se acostumbra, el número de tarjetas puede ser ajustado, así que por favor pruébelo cada vez.

Tamaño:W80 x H100 x D20mm


Dalla serie GHOST, prodotta con un unico pezzo di pelle, nasce un portafoglio che può contenere in modo compatto e intelligente banconote, carte e piccoli spiccioli.

Può essere aperto e chiuso con un bottone a pressione, con la lettera G sul bottone a pressione.

Il numero di banconote può essere memorizzato in 15 fogli, e circa 5 carte sono buone. Circa 10 monete sono l'ideale, ma se la pelle si abitua, il numero di carte può essere regolato, quindi si prega di provare ogni volta.

Dimensioni: L80 x H100 x P20mm


Uit de GHOST-serie, die wordt geproduceerd met een enkel stuk leer, komt een portemonnee die compact en slim rekeningen, kaarten en klein kleingeld kan bevatten.

Het kan worden geopend en gesloten met een drukknop, met de letter G op de drukknop.

Het aantal biljetten kan worden opgeslagen in 15 vellen, en ongeveer 5 kaarten zijn goed. Ongeveer 10 munten zijn ideaal, maar als het leer eraan gewend raakt, kan het aantal kaarten worden aangepast, dus probeer het elke keer uit.

Afmetingen: B80 x H100 x D20mm


Из серии GHOST, которая выпускается с одним куском кожи, выходит бумажник, который может компактно и удобно хранить счета, карты и мелкую мелочь.

Его можно открывать и закрывать кнопкой фиксации, при этом на кнопке фиксации появляется буква G.

Количество банкнот можно хранить в 15 листах, и около 5 карт - это хорошо. 10 монет - это идеальный вариант, но если кожа привыкнет, то количество карт можно будет регулировать, поэтому каждый раз попробуйте.

Размер: Ш80 х В100 х Д20 мм


REDMOON is a leather fashion brand based on the concept of "Basic Evolution" created by founder Keiichiro Goto in 1993.
He was a pioneer in bringing the purse, which had previously been only a supporting role in fashion, to the world under the name of "leather wallet" and pushing it to the leading role.

Many of the small leather goods of this REDMOON brand product are handmade by craftsmen's hands, and the representative work " HR-01 '' has established an immovable position as the top of the leather wallet from its inception to the present. You.

A leading group of craftsmen who produce leather products

"REDMOON" started by REDMOON brand owner Keiichiro Goto. This brand, which has a great influence on the fashion world as well as the leather craft world, started in 1993.

The REDMOON Brand Studio is recognized by the brand owner and has many skilled leather builders.

REDMOON is one of Japan's leading leather brands.
The leather products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen.

The craftsmen are producing leather goods after being recognized by the brand owner Keiichiro Goto.
In addition, Japan's only builder group that has moved the theory of "Basic Evolution" by creating `` things '' by original manufacturing methods and production systems and `` evolving basics '' by creating things by `` craftsmen '' (shokujin) created "is Material
The oldest, most attractive and difficult material "leather" in the world is cut with a dedicated leather cutter, cut and assembled with a foot-operated vintage sewing machine 40 years ago.
There is a rule as a "professional builder" that requires one craftsman to complete the entire process of work responsibly.

It has a clear line with normal factories and does not perform any assembly work.
One craftsman takes responsibility for everything from cutting leather, sewing, finishing, and even packing.
It is clearly reflected in products.

It is not just a workshop. The craftsman does even the product design.
Factories that make ordinary bags and wallets have designers, and the people who design and the craftsmen who make them are different.
However, the artisans who are familiar with leather design themselves.
This is another attraction of REDMOON brand leather products.

Here, with his unique system and passion for manufacturing, he has been honestly facing leather, using his hands, watching the eyes, and hand-warming handmade from person to person.

Technology inheritance

The production studio does not have any production manuals for production.
There is no curriculum.

The technique is basically plagiarized from the teacher, and the technique is transmitted from the teacher to the apprentice through oral tradition.

This is based on the experience of brand owner Keiichiro Goto.

Goto was 20 years old when he traveled to the United States to visit Arizona in the Western District, where he met Native Americans who were working on leather.

Goto, who was interested and watched the production scenery all day long, begged if he could teach one of them the technology, but he was easily rejected because it was not a technology that could be easily taught to a foreigner who did not know. I will.

Still, I could not give up and went every day, and baked and plagiarized the technology in my own eyes.

After that, we refined the technology and sublimated it into technology.

This is still a source, and there is no manual or curriculum to learn from it.

This seemingly inefficient "oral inheritance" is an indispensable way to maintain a high level of technology.

Technology cutting

The secret of quality.
It is hidden in cutting and sewing.
It must be manual.
That's it.

However, the "secret" is hidden in the manual work.
That is "leather cutting" and "pedal type sewing machine".
Imagine an old belt.
The cut surface swells and begins to hurt from there.
But this brand of leather products does not.
Because it is not a cutter but a leather slicing tool that is used to cut leather.
The meaning of crushing prevents "peeling".
This tool is known as "cutting", and it is difficult for ordinary people to just cut straight, so it requires skill. It is even more difficult to cut a curve.
However, highly skilled craftsmen do this well and build products.

Technology sewing

All production studios use pedal-type sewing machines.
There are even vintage sewing machines 40 years ago if they are old.
This is because the craftsman feels the "strength difference" for each part of the leather with the body.
Ignoring the "strength difference" and forcibly sewing at a high torque will cause the leather to tear.
In order to avoid such excessive sewing, it is necessary to sew with the minimum necessary torque according to the "feature" of the leather.
For vintage tastes, there are apparel makers who use old sewing machines, just for directing.
But at REDMOON, it is different, it is used to value the leather and to keep the quality of the leather to the maximum.
Also, no adhesive is used when sewing leather products.
In other words, they are not completely bonded.
This allows the leather and the leather to move to some extent.
In the case of external stress, complete lamination will avoid that part, but with this brand of leather products, the thread only needs to be cut.
The result is a product that can withstand many years of use by making repairs.
Some products are hand-sewn.
As the name implies, hand sewing refers to the technique of sewing with needles and thread using hands. Leather is a hard material unlike cloth, so needles do not pass through.
Therefore, before sewing, use a special tool to make holes in the leather and then sew. Therefore, it takes time and effort.
Sewing and hand sewing by sewing machine.
It does not mean that one is better.
The product is sewn in the most suitable sewing method according to the characteristics of the product.

Technology Finish

Finishing is also a very laborious task.
What we do is cut leather and leather, and sew the sewn surface with special tools and glue.
This is a patient task, and it takes time and effort to polish all aspects.

* Depending on the characteristics of the product, there are some products that do not perform this task.

Normally, you would imagine an older person as a leather craftsman, but the craftsmen here are generally young.
The current age group is about 20-35 years old.

It's not a street brand, but its members are both craftsmen and designers.
This allows the fusion of things that have conflicting factors of function and appearance.
Today, young leather builders with creative sensibilities are working hard every day in the workshop.

Technical Repair

Product repair is a task that requires much more advanced skill than product manufacturing.
This is because it is impossible to disassemble the used and deformed / worn product carefully, and to pass the thread through the same needle hole as before.
Repairs are often more time consuming and time consuming than making one product from scratch.
If you make and sell “counterfeit goods” that are overflowing in the streets, you are done. Because there is no technology and the cost is enormous.

But we don't.

REDMOON leather products are also repaired by skilled craftsmen.

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