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TOKISADA is being produced by a ex.REDMOON craftsman, Mr. Matsuya.

A mind treasures things, is grateful towards others, and is considerate of others, as well as keeping precious hold of the Japanese aesthetic sensibility.

Craftsmanship comes through the filter of our Japanese eyes.

We would like to continue sharing the idea with you of what we should pass on to future generations.

While cherishing TOKISADA, "The destiny that time decrees," we who are living now and in the future wish to continue "being Japanese in the world."

5,500 JPY (Including tax) 2,750 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 2,500 JPY)
COLOR: Brown, Green, Orange
8,030 JPY (Including tax) 3,850 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 3,500 JPY)
COLOR: Brown, Green, Orange
9,130 JPY (Including tax) 4,400 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 4,000 JPY)
COLOR: Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Green, Orange, Yellow
10,230 JPY (Including tax) 5,060 JPY (Including tax) (exc tax 4,600 JPY)
COLOR: Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Orange