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Be careful of fake REDMOON products!

Our sincere thanks to our customers for using our products regularly.

We have discovered that many fake REDMOON products are being distributed in various places around the world, particularly in SouthEast Asia.

For example, the following picture is a genuine handmade concho that is identified with our company, while the picture below it is of a fake.

*The trademark of all REDMOON products belong to Village Works Co., Ltd.



The method to distinguish genuine products from fakes are as follows:

1. Each and every genuine REDMOON product is handmade therefore they exude a certain dignity from the fact that each item has a look that is subtly different from the rest.

2. Fakes are mass-produced therefore feel shallow because they all have the same look.

3. Our company does not sell any type of Conchos as a single item only.

The fake products violate the intellectual property rights that our company owns, and our company intends to deal with this with a firm stance towards a clean and total resolution. Even if it is carried out by our dear customers themselves, in order to exercise sufficient caution when purchasing REDMOON products, we ask everyone to make sure to purchase from our official distributors.

We truly apologize but please understand that our company bears no responsibility for any loss or damages etc due to the purchase of the counterfeit products.

*The trademark of all REDMOON products belong to Village Works Co., Ltd. If you have any suspicion of possible fake products, please inquire us first of all! You can contact us from here:

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